TreadMaster is a next-generation treadmill with the world class quality of Ohtake Root Kogyo. It uses the world’s first patented thin treadmill technology (patent number 4413653), so it is easy to get on and off, small height differences make it safe, and it is easy to raise and lower, even from wheelchairs.


TreadMaster "Tatamido(畳道)"

TreadMaster “Tatamido” has the same specifications as TreadMaster. It is easy to get on and off, its small height difference makes it safe, and it is easy to raise and lower, even in the case of wheelchairs. The walking belt is colored in a tatami rice straw motif, while the operation panel has a wood mosaic color. This expresses its traditional Japanese beauty, and suits its name of “Tatamido” (rice straw mat path).

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TreadMaster Market Survey

We asked “Would you like to use TreadMaster if it was installed in the following places?” The great majority of people replied that they want to use it.

HospitalRehabillitation facilityHomePublic sports facilityGym,Fitness ClubHotel

Sample size: 500 person survey

by Brand Associates Japan Inc. (September 2016)