Universal Design

The low-running belt of the TreadMaster makes it easy for everyone to climb on and off, and the multiple consoles allow for easy control.


Low-Running Belt

The TreadMaster’s running belt is 35 mm in height, a sixth of the average 200 mm belt and the lowest in the world (floor-type). This uniquely low and slim body makes this treadmill ideal for purposes that may be difficult with conventional treadmills, such as walking training, rehabilitation, and wheelchair walking, let alone regular sports training.

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The multiple controls allow for easy operation.


High Performance and Precision of Speed

For enhanced performance, natural Japanese timber is used for our original, low friction running plate, making it maintenance-free and quiet. Combined with an AC servomotor that allows precise and stable speeds between 0–16 km/h (velocity resolution 0.1 km/h), the TreadMaster is ideal for any location and purpose.

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