Ultimate Quality Housed in a Flat-Body Treadmill

The treadmill is no longer a huge mass of machinery. The running belt of the simple, slim, and elegant TreadMaster, which is 35 mm in height, is only a sixth of the size of average treadmills. However, with our patented flat-body technology, its durability and stability have by no means been sacrificed. Fusing the latest technology, precision engineering, natural lumber tradition, and product design, the TreadMaster is a unique treadmill that liberates your workout experience.

The Only Made-to-Order Treadmill Manufacturer in Japan

For more than 40 years, OHTAKE ROOT KOGYO has produced made-to-order treadmills for numerous professionals in a variety of fields, such as medicine, athletic training, academic research, and product development. The entire production is conducted in-house, from design to development and manufacturing. The TreadMaster is the fruit of our experience and expertise in treadmill production, integrating everything there is to make a high-quality treadmill.

40 Years with Natural Timber
The Philosophy of OHTAKE Manufacturing

It was in 1975 that we produced our first treadmill—a treadmill for a dog— in response to a request. The key to the running function of a treadmill is in the selection of the running belt and running plate. Having tested a number of materials, it was natural timber that was chosen. In the 40 years hence, our treadmills have featured natural timber running plates made from timber we purchase and process ourselves.