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Japan’s only treadmill specialized development manufacturer.
We respond to highly specialized professional's requests with our reliable technology and 40 years’ experience.

Ohtake Root Kogyo designs, develops, and manufactures commercial treadmills for various specialists and professionals, by made-to-order and head office factory production. We have a variety of production experience: medical treadmills, athletic treadmills, research treadmills, etc. Even for unique specifications, we respond with our 40 years of experience and advanced technical abilities.
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Ohtake Root Kogyo and Treadmills

We make treadmills starting from the tree.
Manufacturing at Ohtake Root Kogyo.

Treadmill manufacturing at Ohtake Root Kogyo dates back to 1975. Our first treadmill order received was for dogs. The essence of the running function of a treadmill is selection of the running belt and running board. We tried various materials for the running board, and decided to use natural wood. For the past 40 years, we have continued to make running boards from natural wood. We take care of the entire process from buying timber to processing.


Design, manufacturing, after-care

We have the technical abilities to respond to detailed communications and various requests, because we handle everything in-house.

Ohtake Root Kogyo has a 10 person design team and complete machine tool facilities in house. From initial discussion to design, manufacture, delivery and after-care are all handled in house. This enables made-to-order responses to special requests. Detailed communication is essential for manufacture and operation of professional treadmills. We confirm specifications and provide after-care such as repairs and improvements.


OHTAKE Treadmill can be utilized in various locations and applications.

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OHTAKE Treadmills are used in major facilities throughout Japan.

Medical Facilities


Sports Facilities


Industry Facilities